Does someone have access to the "clean" theme?

Hi everyone,

I was using the following theme for a while when I was self-hosting: GitHub - salihciftci/clean: Tag based responsive Ghost theme.

Apparently, the GitHub repo no longer exists, and I sadly do not have the files at hand (on a PC in a different country).

Three questions:

  1. Does this theme still exist in the store, on GitHub or anywhere else?
  2. If I use Ghost Pro, can I use custom themes from external sources, or do they have to be part of the marketplace?
  3. If I cannot use the theme for some reason, do you have recommendations for other similar themes? I want to have it as minimal and clean as possible and want to be able to separate it into different subcategories easily.

Thank you for your help.

1 - Can’t hep you there, never heard of it, sorry!

2 - As long as you’re not on their cheapest (Starter) plan, you can load any valid theme. It doesn’t have to be on the marketplace, it just has to pass gscan validation (or not have a fatal error, anyway).

3 - Pretty much any theme can be made to serve different posts at different URLs, either by using the /tag/tagname url that’s built in, or by loading a routing file.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I know what the next steps are then