Basic tutorial for creating a new page for my theme?

I’m SUPER new to ghost themes, never seen an .hbs file in my life and I’m poking around an offline folder of the files that makeup my theme to get an idea how things work. Damn I’m lost.

For example, I have an ABOUT page on my site. Its in my header menus and if I click on it I get a page. Doing a search in the folder on my local hard drive, there’s NOTHING called “about”. Where is this page stored? Where’s the data (text) for it stored?

If I wanted to create a simple HELLO WORLD page and add it to my website (reachable via - how would I do this? Any complete beginner tutorials for this? (I looked at some handlebars documentation but it assume a level of knowledge and proficienty that I don’t have.)

That’s a Ghost page. It’s using the default page template. (page.hbs if it exists, post.hbs if it doesn’t.)

Go to /ghost.
Click “Page”
Click “Add new page”
Edit (exactly like creating a post).

If you want the page linked across the top menu bar, then go into /ghost > settings > navigation and add a link to it there.

And is there any kind of drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor for hbs files?

Not that I’m aware of.

Are you sure you need to edit the hbs, instead of building the page within the Ghost editor?

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What I’m struggling with is that while these themes are great for straight up blog style posts, when it comes to something a little snazzier (sales landing page with video, weekly schedules) the default styling is super limited.

How would I achieve something like this:

where the right side graphic is actually video?

How would I get a weekly schedule that I could email my peeps that looks like this:

Is that just some custom HTML or am I going to need to build a full HBS? The design and building of pages is WAY outside my skillset.