Best freelancing platform?

Hi,everybody!My name is Alex , I am a illustrator and graphic designer and i need your sugestions/advice: which platform is best for freelancing?

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Upwork is so far the best platform for freelancing but you may also try pph and fiverr. I am selling services on fiverr and upwork


Freelancer and Upwork are the best platforms for freelancing.

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A newbie can start with authentic Freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork.

Upwork is on top, that’s it…

Hi, ALex. I’m a graphic designer for 3 years on Perfectlancer. Honestly, i have tried EVERY freelancing platform that exists. But i earned more money on Perfectlancer and now it’s my one and only workspace. Highly suggested!


If you are going to use small things, probably Fiverr is the best option. The only problem is that, you have to really be careful on give the instructions very well and supervise the output.

i used fiver upwork and other platforms for this

Upwork the best one and this is not just my opinion

I think, better to go with fiver and upwork for freelancing as a newbie

I prefer those that don’t charge excessive fees, like HubstaffTalent and Guru.