Best freelancing platform?

Hi,everybody!My name is Alex , I am a illustrator and graphic designer and i need your sugestions/advice: which platform is best for freelancing?

Upwork is so far the best platform for freelancing but you may also try pph and fiverr. I am selling services on fiverr and upwork


Freelancer and Upwork are the best platforms for freelancing.

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Sorry, what kind of services do you actually sell? I am currently looking for work.

A newbie can start with authentic Freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork.

Upwork is on top, that’s it…

Hi, ALex. I’m a graphic designer for 3 years on Perfectlancer. Honestly, i have tried EVERY freelancing platform that exists. But i earned more money on Perfectlancer and now it’s my one and only workspace. Highly suggested!