Blank screen - Ghost on my server

Good afternoon everyone!
I have this difficulty: after installing Ghost on my server, the site tab is empty at all. What is wrong and how to fix it, tell me, please, who knows?

Also an empty window in the settings - design. Can’t edit anything - just empty, white screen.
Theme - Casper turned on

Do you see an errors in your Ghost logs?

So those two windows specifically are loading the front end site. If you open your browser’s dev tools, I’ll guess that there’s an error message about security, or CORS, or mixed media. I assume if you go directly to your site, it looks fine?

If you’d like to share that message AND some information about what your setup is (same domain or different from front end and admin panel, for example? https or not? how’d you install?), we can probably help you debug it.

Where can I see the logs? I’m still dealing with Ghost

What should I share with you? I will share of course.
The site is on https and if you open the site, then everything is fine, everything works, but the display does not work in the admin panel

what and how should I open and show you?

Open developer tools on your browser. F12 if you’re using Chrome. Click the ‘console’ tab, load the page and report if you see any errors, please.

Is your admin page (/ghost) and your website on the same domain, or different domain?

How’d you install Ghost?

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Assuming you are self-hosting, you can SSH to the server and use:

ghost ls to see the systemd service names for your Ghost instances. The name should be like ghost_some-domain-name-com

From there, you can use journalctl to view the logs, like:

journalctl -u ghost_my-domain-name-com

Opened up, this is what I see

Yes I havу self-hosting.

You didn’t what version you were installing, but this sounds like the bug in 5.61.0.

Try 5.60.0 or wait for the next release.

already figured out))
Not all files worked on https. Fixed it and everything worked correctly. Thank you!

Can you tell me where to read about subscription email: how and what to do so that readers can subscribe to my blog? I can not understand.

If you are referring to members getting emails, most themes include a “subscribe” button that people can use to sign up to receive emails.

If you are referring to members making recurring payments, that involves connecting your blog to a Stripe account using the Ghost admin area.

And besides Stripe, nothing else can work? In Ukraine, where I am, Stripe does not work yet

Добрий день (Good Afternoon)!

Stripe is the only option I see in the source code now. Because Ghost is open source, it would be possible to hire a local developer to fork Ghost and make something else work.

It’s possible over time that there could be a “plug-in” system to support other payment providers that others have written the code for, but historically Ghost has some made some opinionated choices about it’s partners to keep things simpler and something they are able to support as a small team. For example, Unsplash, Pintura, Mailgun and Stripe are the only vendors supported for stock photos, image editing, mail sending and payments right now.

Stripe recommends that another option is to setup a US company for this purpose, and then they can help you:

While Stripe only supports 46 countries directly, people in 140 countries have used “Stripe Atlas” to access Stripe.

Thank you. Read about Stripe.
And also tell me how to include links to social networks in posts, I didn’t understand

Please start a new question about social media links.

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