Blog posts link is missing from Ghost sitemap file after 5.52.1 upgrade


After upgrading the Ghost blog to the latest version to 5.52.1, the blog posts link is missing from the Ghost sitemap file.

@Norbert posted about this issue already. But still got no response for that post.

I am also facing the same issue/bug.

How to fix this bug?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Hope to hear back from Ghost support team or Ghost users.

Thanks in advance,

Please provide details of your site, i.e., URL, hosting platform. If this were a bug, you’d also need to provide steps to reproduce.

However, in the big scheme of things, it’s unlikely to be a bug since it doesn’t appear to be reproducible, so I’m moving this to #help.

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here is my post: Blog posts link is missing from Ghost sitemap file after 5.52.1 upgrade

Our blog sitemap link:

Kindly check it from your side and tell me how to fix this issue ASAP.


Blog Posts link is missing!

Please provide the other information requested, including your routes.yaml, and config.production.json. It would seem that some pages aren’t included either.

Please post in the forum when seeking assistance from the community.

Like others here I am a volunteer.

I didn’t get any response.That’s why.

I replied, and requested more information, which hasn’t been forthcoming.

Our site is hosted on Fastcomet. Here are the files you have requested:

I have also the latest Ghost on a droplet, but new posts are coming in nicely in the sitemaps. Did you activate Cloudflare or other types of edge caching recently?

Your routes.yaml is mis-formed. The entry under routes should be indented by two spaces. But why are you making a site map entry to begin with? Are you trying to create a custom one? Do you have a sitemap template?

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No, we don’t try to create any custom sitemap.

No, I have not activated Cloudflare or any other types of edge caching recently.

OK, then I’m not sure why your routes.yaml looks that way. You might want to go back to the default one. … delete the three lines starting with /sitemap/

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I have changed the .yaml file to the default one, but the blogs post link is not updated in sitemap.

Could you help me with the issue?

You’ve yet to disclose full information about the site as requested in my original post.

For instance, it looks like you have a non-Ghost site and Ghost site using the same domain … therefore sharing your setup and configuration is crucial.

WE have used Ghost for blogging purpose only. Here is our Blog URL Link.

May I know what other information you need. I think I’ve shared everything you’ve asked so far.

You’ve installed Ghost in a subfolder using the subdomain, but another CMS uses the bare domain. Moreover, you’ve provided zero information about the host, the OS, software versions, the method to install Ghost, any config files, why you changed routes.yaml etc.

This is open-source software and support is provided by volunteers such as @Cathy_Sarisky and me giving their time freely. It’s really unhelpful seeking such support when you do not provide basic information.

If you need support (apart from volunteers here), it may be better to have a managed hosting package from Ghost(Pro) or similar, or request paid service from the Marketplace.

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Also I’m running Ghost in production on DO droplet but the sitemap for posts is not being generated, the bug started after I updated to the latest version (5.53.1) :pensive: