Sitemap not showing all the blog URLs

We have recently updated the Ghost latest version - v5.47 on our blog site. After updating the latest version, the older blogs were removed from the sitemap file. It only showing few our blog posts not all.

Our website -

This is the screenshot of our current sitemap file. We have more 100 blogs, but the sitemap not showing all the blogs.

Is there any way to edit or update the sitemap manually in Ghost?

I believe using routes.yaml that you can direct traffic for the sitemap to a page that you create yourself using the template language.

You may also need to read about Ghost templating and the content API to complete that project.

We have checked the routes file and everything. Still, the newly published blog URLs also not update in sitemap.

This is our recently published blog -

And find the screenshot of the sitemap below,

Hi, I am having the same problem with the “sitemap generated by Ghost to allow search engines to discover this blog’s content.”

I imported 555 posts and only 194 posts are in the sitemap. Is there a reason for this? I have no knowledge about the role of the sitemap, other than what’s its name implies. I notice that the sitemap seems to contain every post that I have edited during the last month and a half, plus three from 2020 and two from 2018, which haven’t been modified since they were published. The missing 3/5s of the posts were published in 2018 - 2023. And, of course, my question is can this be corrected? Or can I directly edit the existing sitemap.xml? The routes.yaml suggestion doesn’t seem to solve my problem. Thanks for any help someone can provide!

Any chance you have the canonical url set in the missing posts? Try clearing it, if so. Ghost excludes posts with the canonical url set, even if set to itself.

Thank you Cathy, I’ll check that out.

Hi Cathy, I have checked the export files and have not found any canonical links in any of the posts.

And the missing posts are published? Not draft/scheduled or emailed only?

Can you share how you imported them? Where’d they come from and what method did you use?

Do posts reappear in the sitemap if you open them in the ghost editor and resave them?

All the posts are published on Medium. There is one draft post only on Medium and it was successfully imported as a draft post. There are no scheduled nor emailed posts on Medium.

To import them, I followed the instructions given in your app. I started the import process in the ghost utility, I went to medium and requested a download of all my data, when it was successfully downloaded onto my laptop, I dumped it into the waiting screen, and after a little while, the importer signaled that it was done.

I edited and saved one of the posts that did not originally appear in the Sitemap.xml file, and after doing so, it is still not there.

This is the post:

Just to clarify, I don’t work for Ghost, so it’s not ‘my’ app. :slight_smile: You’re in a community support forum, and I’m a Ghost user, like yourself. If you’re hosting on Ghost Pro (site is then you can contact them directly at their support address.

The post you linked IS in your sitemap, right here:

Note that the sitemap shows last modified rather than publication date (which your theme is showing).

I spot-checked a couple of your 2020 posts and found them in the sitemap.

I’m not arguing that you don’t have posts missing from the sitemap, but I don’t have an example that’s actually missing, which would be a good first step for trouble shooting the problem. :)

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Thank you for the clarification Cathy, i apologize. I’ll find a good example, and perhaps send it to tech support. Thanks for trying to help.

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I’m interested to hear about it - I do a lot of client migrations, so I hope you’ll update with what you learn (or an example of a ‘broken’ post).

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