Blog with open user registration (like in a forum)


Hi ghost team,

I’m going to build a community blog where I want to have an open registration for people who want to contribute to the blog. Basically, like a forum where everybody can register and create new topics and write threads. In contrast to a forum, the users should be able to write blog posts of course. It doesn’t seem to be possible with current ghost version, cause the owner have to invite every user. What’s also necessary for this would be a kind of preview before a blog post gets published and which the owner have to approve before it gets published to prevent abuse/spam.

Or is this already possible?

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With the upcoming Admin API, this is definitely possible. You would basically need to create an external form that, upon submission, creates a user (role=author) using the email address that was provided


Cool, thanks for your reply!


Could you say anything more about the upcoming Admin API? This is the first I have heard of it. What sorts of other things might it be used for?


Great question! Since the API is going to come with documentation, I’m going to be brief -

The Admin API is capable of editing your Ghost instance, while the Content API is only capable of reading data. The admin interface (/ghost) is a decoupled application from Ghost, meaning all changes you make to your site are actually done via the Admin API

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