BlueSky Integration with Ghost

Get in touch if I can help you set up automatic posting to BlueSky, and any other channels

Magnus Helander - Ghost Expert

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Hey Magnus,
I would love to figure out how to do that. I’m manually posting. Let me know what info you need to help.


I’m currently using CoSchedule for the channels it supports (FB, Twitter, Mastodon, a few others). But, it doesn’t support any of the others like Threads, Blue Sky, and Spoutible. Until the social media landscape settles down some, I would like to automate posting to those as well. Can you do that? And if so, what is involved?

Hi Bruce,
I’ll set you up with your own free-forever account with a Post to BlueSky scenario. You can clone this Scenario to post to any number of BlueSky channels.

There are no monthly costs, paypal me a €60 set-up fee and you’re good - the only limit is the number of automated posts BlueSky will allow per hour.

I’ve documented the the scenario so you’ll know how to edit the text posted with hashtags etc…

Send me a DM and we’ll take it from there, I need

  • Ghost Custom Integration details - content API key and integration ID (below)
  • BlueSky username and app password, created under settings.