Automatically post to Bluesky

Has anyone successfully managed to get Ghost posts to be shared automatically with Bluesky?

Bluesky doesn’t have a Zapier integration, so there is no “plug and play” option and it will require some coding.

The base for it would be the Bluesky API: Posting via the Bluesky API | AT Protocol

Technically, you could use the Code by Zapier integration to stitch that together. For reference, somebody wrote a tutorial on how to do it with Make, which you could use as inspiration: Connect Bluesky and for new posts - Jans Weblog


Interesting. Do you find Bluesky able to generate traffic?

Thanks, I’ll take a look and have a stab at it!

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Don’t know, as we have only just set it up, but we brought over a large portion of our Twitter and Mastodon followers, so there are people there – like with Mastodon, we want to automate everything about it. Twitter/FB/Instagram still dominate traffic.

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