Automatically post to Bluesky

Has anyone successfully managed to get Ghost posts to be shared automatically with Bluesky?

Bluesky doesn’t have a Zapier integration, so there is no “plug and play” option and it will require some coding.

The base for it would be the Bluesky API: Posting via the Bluesky API | AT Protocol

Technically, you could use the Code by Zapier integration to stitch that together. For reference, somebody wrote a tutorial on how to do it with Make, which you could use as inspiration: Connect Bluesky and for new posts - Jans Weblog


Interesting. Do you find Bluesky able to generate traffic?

Thanks, I’ll take a look and have a stab at it!

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Don’t know, as we have only just set it up, but we brought over a large portion of our Twitter and Mastodon followers, so there are people there – like with Mastodon, we want to automate everything about it. Twitter/FB/Instagram still dominate traffic.

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Figured out posting to Blue Sky with Make, it’s messy - the API does not pull image URL’s, only local assets, Make has local storage module available which saves the day.


  1. Pull Feature or Twitter Image from Ghost to local storage
  2. Resolve user with BlueSky
  3. Create a session
  4. Push the image to BlueSky, generates a blob
  5. Split up the image-blob json
  6. Post to Blue Sky

… and looks good…