{{body_class}} usage with account/signup/signin pages

I just went to do some template styling on the /signup and /signin pages and noticed that the {{body_class}} helper doesn’t export anything on those pages, but rather

<body class="">

Might something like the class .members-template be added to the {{body_class}} helper in the future? Or is this perhaps an issue due to Routes usage?

Having thought about this a bit further I got an idea for a workaround: the {{#has}} helper.

Specifically, I figured that I could insert some {{#has}} info into the class="" portion of the <body> tag to detect the slug of a page and then insert the class members-template. So I tried this:

<body class='{{ body_class }}{{#page}}{{#has slug="signup"}} members-template{{/has}}{{/page}}'>

But the class didn’t appear. So I replaced the {{#has slug="signup"}} portion with the following variants:

{{#has slug="/signup"}}
{{#has slug="members/signup"}}
{{#has slug="/members/signup"}}

None of those worked either.

Wanting to verify that my idea even worked I then tried experimenting on a non-members page, /about. So I tried

<body class='{{ body_class }}{{#page}}{{#has slug="about"}} about-template{{/has}}{{/page}}'>

as well as tried out usage of the variant

{{#has slug="/about"}} 

which didn’t work either.

Can anybody tell me if I’m doing something completely wrong here?

p.s. If anybody from the Ghost team is reading this, I think there’s a typo on the has helper docs page, that being a couple of quotations that are missing:

Looks like a good solution to me :ok_hand:

For some unknown reason the above workaround didn’t actually work for me, even though I presume it should have. Nonetheless, I came up with another idea which did work.

I placed the class members-template-temp-fix in the first <div> of the account.hbs, signin.hbs and signup.hbs files. Because what I was trying to adjust was the background-color of the footer, I then applied a line to my already-in-use CSS:

:root.dark {
    .home-template .c-footer,
    .page-template .c-footer,
    .tag-template .c-footer,
    .author-template .c-footer,
    .members-template-temp-fix + .c-footer {
        background-color: var(--bg-gray);

Fortunately what I wanted to adjust came after the rendering of the account.hbs, signin.hbs and signup.hbs files. But if you want to adjust something that comes before the rendering of the account.hbs, signin.hbs and signup.hbs files then you might be out of luck. (Unless you can get my first approach to work.)