Wrong class names are returned by {{body_class}}

Using latest version: 3.0.0

On pages {{body_class}} returns post-template as class instead of page-template.

me too noticed it

Will this get fixed? Or reported as bug at least? Last time I opened a ticket on github the gestapo scolded me.

“gestapo” might be too strong of a word :sweat_smile:. This does seem like a bug, would you mind raising it on GitHub? Thanks https://github.com/tryghost/ghost/issues

Update: Issue reported on GitHub

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Thanks for opening an issue. I just now managed to read your reply.

Don’t get me wrong, I have learned from previous experiences and I don’t like getting “burned” multiple times, once is enough.
Maybe a change of policy would be welcome. Don’t understand why opening an issue is/was such a big problem. Isn’t the hole point of open source to contribute? Also I exaggerated to make a point. Big egos? Don’t like criticism? Dunno.