Bookmark parsing issues

Hi Everyone,

I am having issues trying to add the bookmark to my post with my link but for whatever I keen getting this parsing error.

really confused here with how we can get this working

@henry88lay which version of Node.js are you using?

Node 8.x is end-of-life since end of 2019 and is not supported by Ghost since 3.9.0. The embed/bookmark feature is just one of the things that may not work correctly if you’re still using Node 8.x.

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Hey Kevin, just to provide some more info around Henry’s post (I work on his team).

We are on Node version 12.16.1

This error occurs specifically when we paste this link into the bookmarking feature:

(also any others from our site).

External sites (e.g. articles on medium work fine)

Thank-you :slight_smile:

I see your site is in private mode. That won’t with the bookmark card feature because when the background request to the provided URL is made it will redirect to the sign-in page and that doesn’t contain enough content for the bookmark card to be generated (it also wouldn’t show any of the content you expect!)

:man_facepalming:t2:Thanks Kevin, really helpfull.

I’ll see if I can think of a way to allow bookmarks to the configured url when a site is in private mode because I agree that it would be useful! Main difficulty is making sure that we don’t open up holes that would allow anyone to fetch private site content :thinking: