Bookmark Posts - Feature Request

One of the features I love most about Medium is the ability to bookmark posts so I can come back to them later. It would be great to see a similar implementation in Ghost Members.

If someone is a member of the site, then they can bookmark posts and view a list of all posts they have bookmarked.

A few themes by Haunted Themes let you do something like this. For example, their Joelma theme, their Farafra theme, and so forth.

This is something I would want in my own theme.

I’m already using their Ghost Finder plugin (and love it!), do you know if they are planning to release this bookmarks feature as a plugin?

It looks like the Ghost Finder script is made by Electron Themes, not Haunted Themes. Regardless, you’d have to ask @HauntedThemes themselves about their bookmark functionality.

We might release it in the future. The only issue for now is time since we have a lot of active projects. You can get in touch with us at and we can help you.

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Ah yeah, I did mean Ghost Search