Ghost + Editorial Theme + Membership

Hi Guys,

I’m playing around with “membership features” and have some questions about it !
Theme used : Editorial
Link : GitHub - TryGhost/Editorial: A free, open source theme for Ghost

Since “portal feature” have been release it’s now possible to turn on the members feature easily (thx Ghost team).
However it seems this theme needs some rework to be fully functionnal with these features

As an admnistrator or guest posts are invisible

Fix with :

{{#foreach posts visibility="all"}}

I could switch to Lyra, Pico, Alto etc… but really love editorial which is smooth & minimalist.

Can someone remind me what kind of modification are needed to update this theme ?


Can’t you just change the theme files slightly?
I’m not an Editorial developer, but when I open the index.hbs file via Github, it looks like you can just replace

{{#foreach posts}}


{{#foreach posts visibility="all"}}.

I didn’t check this, but since you’ve already found that, I think you can just replace it and test it. If it doesn’t work, you can try restarting your server. Sometimes that’s needed when you make a theme modification.


My question was not clear !

Until now, each time Ghost released a membership functionality, you had to update your theme to take advantage of the new features.
Eg : Routes.yaml etc…

Editorial Theme doens’t support natively memberships features but since few weeks “portal have been released” which make all themes compatible with members.
It’s working out of the box but you still have modifications to do (initial post).

So I’m trying to assess the effort for this option (Editorial + Portal) versus a native theme for this feature (Lyra, Pico, Alto etc.) :thinking:

Eg : Pros & Cons

Happy Holidays everyone!

Ok, thanks! With that I can’t really help you.
But I would expect that Editorial gets support for it sometime in the future. Memberships can be see IMO as a special core Ghost feature.

Hi there!

Maybe you wanna try again? I’m using Editorial with Portal (Members) and it’s working pretty fine, the only problem I’m trying to solve now is that the “Subscribe” button appears right on the top of the pagination (“Older Posts”)