Bug where uploading a cover image makes code injections disappear

When I customise my site with code injections, and then upload a cover image in the branding settings, the code injections disappear and reset to default settings. When I add the code back in, then the cover image disappears. Even when I remove the code injections and press save with empty fields, cover image disappears.

Has anyone else experienced this and did you find a workaround?

I am editing the Casper theme and I haven’t customised it outside of ghost. This should also mean that I have the latest version? I’m using chrome on my mac, and I’m new to ghost.

I have used Casper extensively (including a lot of customisation with code injections) and I have not personally encountered this issue. I’ll do some testing now to see if I can recreate what you’re experiencing and then report back.

In the meantime, have you tried using a different web browser? And is your Ghost website running locally on your computer or on a remote server?

Thanks for replying @DonaldH. I tried Safari as you suggested and it worked.

I’m not running this on my local, I’m trying to avoid going down that path so I can keep my site really simple.

You are welcome, @moony. If you want to keep using Chrome, one thing you might want to do is try opening the Ghost admin site in an “incognito” window which should disable any Chrome extensions you have installed (unless you have manually enabled them to run in incognito mode). Sometimes browser extensions can cause bugs and do weird things.

If you still encounter the same issue in incognito mode, without any extensions enabled, then we can continue troubleshooting. Otherwise, it would just be a process of disabling and then enabling extensions one by one to figure out who the culprit is :slightly_smiling_face: