Build a test environment


In anticipation of the 3.4 → 4.0/4.1 migration, I would like to set up a test environment for my blog.

Is there a recommended way to have 2 instances of Ghost running on the same server (something like “” and “” on 2 separate databases)?

My server run Debian 10 / nodejs 10.24 / mariaDB 10.3 / nginx 1.14


My suggestion is to just setup a docker stack. I wrote an article a while ago, it’s focus was ghost but I did showcase how to setup a docker-compose and docker. You’re welcome to copy that:

If you’re comfortable with docker. Doing things on barebone is somewhat similar.

  1. Create a new DNS entry.
  2. Create a new nginx (or favorite web server for
  3. install the new blog following the install guide
  4. How to Change Ghost Port - Ghost Tutorial - FastComet Change the default port it runs on.
  5. Update the nginx config to point to the new port.