Move to a new server


What is the best practice to move to a new server?

I have copy the files with rsync to the new server. Setup ghost-cli with npm and restore the mysql database to the new SQL Server. Also request a new certificate and restore the nginx settings.

After that I running ghost doctor and start the blog. But I can’t reach it.

Any idea how solve it?

Dude I feel your pain, I avoided going through updates because of all node.js and cli and all that. So I found a better solution, docker. I created a guide on how to migrate to a new server. Also the update can be done in 1 command and you don’t have to worry about updating node.js and all that, if you need help on the process leave a comment on my page below and I’ll help you since the notifications come directly.
One thing, make a snapshot of your server and create a new one just for testing purposes before doing anything. It took me 3 days of hard work to get used to docker.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. I found an way to move to an new server without docker.

I found an way

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