Can Ghost Be Installed On A Virtualmin Webmin Server?

Hey Ghosters,
I’m looking to install Ghost on my own VPS and would like to install it on my server running Virtualmin. Will Ghost install ok? Is anyone running their Ghost install on Webmin/Virtualmin servers? I can’t seem to find anything on Google.

Hey @Ghostusr

I am in the same situation, although I have already installed it and come across some (hopefully minor) issues. It seems that Ghost doesn’t put the right location blocks in NGINX for Virtualmin Virtual Servers.

After fiddling a bit I have got the Ghost Admin page (your-domain/ghost/) to be available. I can write and publish a post, but then can’t see the created page in the Preview, or by navigating to the actual live site. I think this is to do with NGINX conf file entries not being correct, but like you I am struggling to find much on this topic through Google.

I am surprised that no-one has replied to your question since Sept-21!?!?! Is this forum really that dead that no-one is trying something similar. And what do the developers say?

Perhaps if we share findings and tips here we can help each other…?

Ghost employee-type-folks… what’s your collective take on this issue? Do you have any recommendations?

Lawrence :slight_smile:

my private “playground” - machine is running Debian with Apache. I tried to get it up & running, but i was not successful in some hours and I gave up. Because I wanted to see / test Ghost, I created another empty VM and used the quick & dirty solution for testing: Turntable .

I dont know, but I think it will not be possible to maintain Ghost by Virtualmin. There are lots of depending things and Ghost is not simply a set of PHP-pages you have to put in any virtual host on your machine.

So I dont know if it will / could work. There are some howtos / solutions I found on Google. But most of them from pretty old versions (OS / GOST / …). Tried some, didnt work and so I decided to choose the quick solution for testing.

Loved the simple creation of posts in Ghost very much. But there are some limits which lead me to decide against Ghost. Dont know how to say … some things pretty “restricted”. You should only use Ubuntu (if it’s the best option on public webservers - it’s aother discussion. You should use nginx only. OK, if you already use or it is the only web on your machine. I personally think its a unusual restriction but I could have lived with it - just one web on one machine ;) But there are several other limitations like: no comments by users (not nice but I could live with it. Only english language usable - and at that point I am out of the game. I dont have problems - but not all users / readers / members are english speakers and there is no solution than translating yourself the sourcecode. Possible, but after the next update you can start again … and again … an again.