Can ghost identify dead links?

Hi folks.

If I’m running a large blog with lots of links to other sites, is there a way for Ghost to notify me if/when some of those links no longer work?



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I don’t believe Ghost can do this right now.

It’s probably out of scope for a publishing platform although I do understand that it may impact SEO and general user experience.

There’s a wide range of services out there that can show you dead links and you can usually pay for automated reporting.

If paying for a 3rd party service is something you can’t or won’t do right now, there are open source tools like:

which could be cron’d to execute and report regularly.

There’s also a lot of howtos and guides on the wider internet for using wget and various Google webmaster tools / scripts to identify dead / broken links in content.

If you find something that works well for you it might be worth blogging about it and sharing your experience with the rest of the community in this forum?

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Thanks, Tim.

A third party is all good. I guess that’s easy enough.

Jayke :slight_smile:

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