A reliable way to check website is running on Ghost?

Hello. I am looking for a way to check if a publication website is running on Ghost or something else. One trick was to use the /ghost link and see if it returns a ghost login page, but it seems that some sites are removing /ghost links (ex: openai.com/blog/ghost does not work.) Is there any reliable way to check if a site is using Ghost as their blogging tech stack?

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Some do, but your mistake here is the assumption that OpenAI only uses Ghost to power /blog/ :slight_smile: it actually powers the full site

Easy test is to look at the sitemap, eg. https://openai.com/sitemap.xml

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Thank you for your swift reply. I didn’t know that OpenAI built its entire site with Ghost.

However, I am unable to find out sites like apple.com/newsroom is running on Ghost. I have both tried /ghost and /sitemap.xml, but neither of those gave me any clue. Sites like madewithghost.com confirmed that it is built with Ghost, but that led me to wonder if there is any universal way to check if the website is running on Ghost.

apple.com/newsroom is not built with ghost - madewithghost.com is not an official site :wink:

Thanks a lot! One final question – ghost.org displays an Apple logo at the first page, below the “Relied upon by thousands of businesses” text. Can you tell me what site did Apple built with Ghost?

Unfortunately I’m not able to share that information :slight_smile: but you can find lots of examples of other Ghost sites on our customers page:

It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but I find the Wappalyzer bookmarklet does the job when I need to know what stack a site is running on.


Or, you can right-click and View Page Source.