Can I change the colour of BOLD text?

Is there a way t change the default styling of BOLD so that it is a different colour as well as being heavier text?

I’ve tried adding CSS code injection but have not found a way to get all my BOLD text to be in a different colour to the main text.

At the moment, I am using inline styling everytime I want to change the colour of text

This should be possible by targeting the strong tag. You could add the style in Code Injection to have it apply globally.

If you don’t see it working, another style may be overriding it.

thanks, that works!

BTW, do you know how to change it so that BOLD appears a different color in email. It’s working now on the webpage, but not for email.

Email will be trickier (or at least more labor intensive). You would need to add the styles inline with the HTML card.