Can I create a custom code block in Koenig

Hi there, Is it possible to create a custom code block to replicate a custom bbcode that’s used in another forum I visit regularly. To wit, I’d like to be able to easily recreate the decklists you can see in this post

On the forum, you just type

card 1
card 2

card n

and the formatting is all done for you. Hovering over each card name brings up a picture of the card. The nearest equivalent I’ve managed so far in Ghost is a straight list of the cards (as you can see at

Please tell me it’s possible to make things easier with a little work in Koenig?

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Nothing like this is available at the moment. There are plans to extend the functionality of Koeing to allow for custom cards which could be useful. Currently if you need functionality like this, you’re limited to using an html block and manually implementing it.

Sigh - oh well. Thanks for replying.

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