Can I "group" members to give access only to specific content?

Hello there,

I am very new to Ghost and looking into the membership feature.

Use case:
I am lecturing various university courses. Due to this I want to create specific content per course, which is only accessible to the students of the specific course.

As I am aware I can sent them an invite email to become members.
But is it somehow possible to “group” content so lets say specific content is only accessible to members of the “master class” and some only to “bachelor class”?


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You could create a different signup page and apply a custom label to each group.

See these docs for details:

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Thank you Ryan. I will check this out. Seems like this could do the trick. :+1:

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How do you restrict content based on labels though?

Thats a good point. I assume, based on your remark, that this is not possible?
This is actually the main use case. Restricting content to different types of member categories / groups.

You could create a different membership tier for each class, then limit the content to that tier. Each tier would be free (I assume!), and would be the only ones to be able to access that class’s content.

I have not deleted a tier, but I assume you can do so.

One advantage of this would be the ability to have general-purpose pages open to all, in addition to the tier-specific content.

I don’t know of a way to limit content access using labels.

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This would sound like this exactly addresses what I need.

As you said, there is one general page content, accessible to the world. And then there would be free memberships for the various student groups. Thereby limiting access to the specific group.
Definitely try to play with this. Thank you Bruce!

Question @BruceInLouisville, do you know where I can find further information on working with tiers?

I found this doc: Create Membership Tiers
However it doesnt state how I can create new tiers. And in the UI I dont find any obvious button or customization.

The doc says:

Create your custom tiers

If you have Stripe connected, tiers can be created from the SettingsMemberships area in Ghost Admin.

Does it mean I need Stripe?

Yes, I’m pretty sure you have to be connected to Stripe, even if you only have free tiers.

On second thought, though, I’m not sure Ghost can manage multiple free tiers. I just looked at my membership setup, and I don’t see a way to add a second free tier. So, I think my idea is DOA.

I think at this point, you would have to get someone to code access in your theme, based on labels and tags. I can visualize how it could be done, but the problem would be that the content would still be visible in the post list. Hmm.

To be honest, you may have hit on a use case that Ghost cannot handle in its current form, except with a bunch of custom coding.

Anyone else want to jump in here?

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Thank you Bruce. Too bad to hear that.

Would be great to hear whether someone else might have some experience with that?
Hopefully I am not the only one with such an edge use case :sweat_smile:

The way I’d do this would be to segment my audience based on labels (as explained in the post above). Then, share content via email based on those labels. Finally, restrict access to this content as member only. The caveat here is that any member will have access to this content.

More granular control is available but only when using paid tiers. (To pitch a new feature, check out the #ideas channel).

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I agree. Ghost isn’t probably suitable for this multi-course use, at least with its current set of features.