Testing for a member label in themes

I would find it incredibly helpful to be able to limit content visibility simply based on the presence or absence of a label. I know the wholes membership thing is in beta, but anything that would make the labels a member attribute in themes would provide a way to effectively have more than one thing to be subscribed to.


I’d like this as well, at least until multiple membership tiers are added.

I’m migrating over from Patreon, or trying to, where my patrons have varying levels of access. As I can’t yet move them here without losing the tiers, it would be nice to use a combination of complimentary memberships and labels to give them access to different levels of content meanwhile.

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It’s a bit complicated, but there’s a discussion for it over at this thread. Note that it’ll only work for self-hosted versions!

I’d like something similar to this that’s topic-based vs. paid and unpaid.

Is there a way to map Member labels to post Tags? For example, I might have a subset of Members (paid and free) labeled “design”. In a post I might create a private tag called #design. The objective would be for only those members with the matching label and private Tag would get the newsletter and see the post.

I’m sure this could be done in a theme and manually. But I’m trying to do something that can be relatively automated.

It’s similar to audience tags and segmentation in MailChimp.

Needed to do something very similar, so setup a Cloudflare worker to handle request. More info can be found here GitHub - influencerTips/cf-ghost-admin-api: Used to expose functionality in Ghost Admin API - in summary worker exposes admin api for member where member.uuid is used for query and response contains payload from ghost admin api that can be used with jquery.