Can I send an email to members that isn't a whole post, but links to a post

Hello, I’m pretty new to using ghost and had a question about sending email newsletters. I see the option to “publish & send” a post, but it seems that sends the whole post in an email.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to create an email that would only be something like a summary of my new post. Then within the email have it link to that post. When I do “publish & send” it has a “View Online” link in the email, but I would like for that to take the user to the actual post and not a post that is created based off the email I created. Is this possible, or are there any work arounds that people use for this issue?

I use a custom version of the Dawn theme, if that’s relevant at all.


@zzadrianzz Have you found a solution? I would really like to do the same

You can use the Publish-to-Email-Only option to create a custom message that links to your website.

For the original post, publish it only to the web.

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