Can partial's properties pass HTML tags?

Hello everyone,

Would you please help me understand, how to pass an HTML tag to a partial’s property without it being interpreted as a part of the string? I would love to specifiy with a simple “<br>” where the title should break. Here is the situation:

{{> page-header-v2 title=“Your<br>skills”}}

The relevant part of my partial:


I have tried virtually everything, but the H1 title always renders as “Your<br>skills”.

Is there a way how to properly interpret the HTML tag in such case?

Thank you a million for any tips!


Try enclosing the title with triple handlebars {{{title}}}. That should get it, but note that by not escaping (the default behavior with double handlebars), you’re allowing someone to set the title to something nefarious. So make sure you trust your editors/authors/contributors!

Hi Cathy, thank you very much for your quick response. Enclosing the title in {{{title}}} was one of my attempts before, however it did not work in this case. I suspect the HTML tag gets lost while being passed as a partial’s property. Out of desperation I even tried to enclose the partial itself with tripple handlebars {{{> …}}}, though that led to errors. You are right about being careful with {{{ }}}. I never thought about it. Fortunately I will be the only editor… :slightly_smiling_face: