Can posts be configured to show *all* tags?


I use the Dawn theme, and I noticed that each post seems to only show one of its associated tags. For example, this podcast episode about SIEM solutions shows podcast as a tag, but you can also find it under the tag for siem .

Can I make a config change so that posts show all tags?

You would have to modify the theme - Here’s the logic that currently exists:

Thanks I’ll try to figure it out from here!

Finally came back to this and I’m a code newb so I’m not sure what I’m looking at here or what to change - would you mind steering me in the right direction?

In case anybody comes across this post, the Ghost Pro support folks pointed me to this line of content.hbs that needed to be changed:

The #primary_tag should be changed to just #tags. Make sure to also change the closing tag on line 19.