Tag list in post view

I’m a beginner, and am (hopefully) migrating my blog to Ghost. I love it so far.

However, I’m keen to display a list of tags for the post in the post view, either at the top near the author(s) or at the bottom of the post (above the comments?)

I was hoping that this would be simple configuration setting (or even the default), but only the primary tag is displayed at the top of the post title.

After searching, I’ve only found guidance on editing theme code? For blogs, isn’t this cross-referencing quite fundamental? Moreover this solution will not be portable across themes.

Or am I doing something wrong?

Themes control whether the tags appear or not, and pretty much all the rest of the layout/logic. That decision isn’t baked into the Ghost core, it’s entirely up to the theme. So if your current theme doesn’t display tags how you want them to, your options are to edit the theme or to pick a different theme that already has the behavior you want.

Understood, thanks for your prompt response.

I’m glad to see that the core has the functionality. Thanks.