Can you create a custom embed in the CMS?

Hi, I’m just getting started with Ghost and it looks awesome!

I’m wondering is whether it is possible to embed custom UI components in the blog markdown. For example, we have a bunch of “icon” objects in algolia and it’d be nice if our editors could search right from the cms UI and select a search result. The selected object would autopopulate into a UI component (i.e. an image with a caption, linking to a page with more details).

Is it possible to extend Ghost to support his functionality?


Still hoping to get a response!

I believe this is certainly possible, just not easy. Since you have full control over the front-end, you could create a javascript component which adds markup to the CMS to hit an API on your end for search results. Selecting a search item could result in some HTML markup being added to your post. Then you’ll likely need some javascript which runs on blog page load which recognize that markup and add any new functionality to it like hover effects or whatever.

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