Embed a Ghost blog into an existing website?

We have an existing large, university website and would like to create a blog with Ghost that’s embedded into that current site (so that all Header & Footer nav are universal, even on the ‘blog’ pages.)

Is it possible to create blogs/articles in Ghost, then have it automatically fed into a page on our existing site?

Thank you!

Yes, that sounds like a perfect use case for the Ghost Content API: Ghost Content API Documentation

It does require some development work on your end though.

What tech/CMS are you using on your existing website?

Thanks, @Jannis!

We currently use Cascade CMS from Hannon Hill.

Hm, I am not familiar with Cascade CMS, unfortunately.

Depending on what specifically you want to do, it might also be possible to “re-create” the design of your current website as a Ghost theme (they are basically just HTML with some data injection) and have it run under blog.yourdomain.com?

I am curious though – Cascade CMS seems to have a blog module as well: News and Blog Module - Hannon Hill

What makes you consider Ghost compared to the existing solution in your CMS?

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