Cannot change theme ! (self-hosted)


Hello -
I have been trying to install the WorldCasper theme on my self-hosted environment at – to no avail. the theme is installed - I changed it a little to show the logo and the tagline at the top left - but this does not “take”… I have checked that the correct (changed) code is there. I restarted both ghost and nginx - but I always get the plain vanilla casper and I do not see my modified theme…

Ghost-CLI version: 1.7.1
Ghost Version (at /var/www/ghost): 1.22.2

please help!



@clouditinerary were you making edits to the CSS, if so which file? With Casper (the World version too I believe) you’d need to follow the development instructions here.


Thanks - I know… I missed the point about gulp.

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