Fix an Casper theme


Hi Team,

Im still new using ghost. I want to make css changes to casper theme. Which files a user to overwrite css globally, which file to target. I would like to add my own colors, side column header and footer.
Thank You


Hey @Doris_Ulysse :wave: Instructions for editing Casper are in the theme’s readme, is there something in particular that you’re struggling with?


GM Kevin,

May be I am overthinking this. I have a set of scss styles that have colors and of layout styles I want my blog to have have with the rest of my website.

My blog loads as the default ghost theme. Is there a way to link the files to Casper theme or build a theme from scratch. FYI this is a static Website running on node js.

Thank you in advance!


Hi Kevin,

I found the read me file in and followed the instructions within it but stumbled on this error message when I typed yarn dev.


It doesn’t look like you’re in the theme directory (cd ghost/versions/2.9.1). Themes live in {$GHOST_ROOT}/content/themes/ - if you’re trying to modify the default casper theme make sure you download a zip of it first then re-upload in the admin area as a custom theme so that it doesn’t get overwritten when you upgrade.


Thank You Kevin. What I am trying to accomplish is compile sass into scss. I have followed the instruction from ghost beginners and added gem sass. When I run grunt dev the style css page is not compiled. I tried running grunt-sass and nothing happens. What could I be missing here? Your help is much appreciated.


It sounds like you’re building ghost from source. If you’re just trying to edit a theme, that’s way overkill because there’s a lot of extra stuff that happens to make development easier. You can just install a local instance of ghost and modify your theme from there

When editing the Casper theme, grunt is not used - gulp is