Cannot log in. Cannot send password reset for logging in. STUCK! HELP!


I am trying to log in to my account and cannot.
It says wrong password, but it doesn’t let me send a password reset.

I feel stuck and need to make changes to the copy urgently.

Please help.

This is my website:

Thanks so much,

It looks like your site is using some kind of headless set up.

Do you know the URL for your Ghost site or how the post content is being consumed for this site?

Thanks for your reply, sorry I didn’t get back sooner. I found someone who had access and now I am in again. It was very stressful! Yes it’s headless at the moment. I am looking to change that.

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Hello! I have the same problem where I’m unable to login. I created a new domain address and it signed me out. I tried changing password and nothing works!

I am stuck too! Right after changing the site address and updating the domain name, i do not receive password reset emails.