Can't do code injection into header, only footer


I’m new to Ghost, but using it seems to be relatively easy. However, when I go to Settings -> Code Injection, the text box for the header injection seems to be disabled, although I can modify the footer just fine.

Any idea why this is the case? Is it because I’m on a trial?


Apparently it’s just with Google Chrome. Was able to change it in Safari.


It’s not just with Chrome. I have tried Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer. None of them work.


There was an intermittent bug in with CodeMirror fields occasionally not showing up for a small number of users in the last week on certain network connections. A fix was released in 2.14.1:

You can run ghost update to get to the latest version


I’m new to this, but I am not self-hosting, this is happening to me with ghost(pro), does your solution still apply? If so I’m not sure how to implement it.

I’m not using a Mac, there is probably an old version of Safari out there, but it seems to be an issue many folks would encounter.


This worked in Safari when I recently tried it. Just not chrome. I’m assuming this is fixed now? I’m using the cloud hosted platform


The GhostPro usually is on the latest version so it should be fixed.


It would sure be nice if it was. Anyone out there that it’s working for? I tracked down Safari from 2012 with high hopes, but it doesn’t seem to even be able to render the admin login page.


This definitely still doesn’t work on Ghost(Pro) - in the hosted cloud.

Cannot set up a new blog properly because of this. Seeing a CodeMirror related js error in the console.


This was rolled out on Ghost(Pro) this morning, so if you do a hard refresh of Ghost Admin, things should hopefully now be back to normal.

If you do see any further console errors, please share screenshots of them here

I can't input any code to the Code Injection Blog Header

I can confirm that this now works on Google Chrome in Ghost Pro.



Same problem with me here. Ghost (pro). But cant edit the Code injection HEADER field. Just the FOOTER field.