Bug in admin area code injection


I have setup a ghost server without any problems but I just noticed that there is a bug in the admin area. I don’t know why but the writing box for the head code injections doesn’t work. It is not possible to type there. It is indeed just a empty box like you can see in this picture.

I haven’t change anything in particular. The ghost apart from that is working perfectly. It was installed using the one click install in digitalocean. Any ideas on how to fix it or if anyone is getting the same problem?


Hi @bertaveira wasn’t able to reproduce this on the local instance. Can you check if there are any errors in the dev console? Also please make sure there are no ad-blockers or other plugins running that could modify the page content (maybe try running in incognito mode or some other browser). Let me know how it goes! Cheers :wink:


@gargol It isn´t because of extensions. It happens even in a fresh chrome in incognito mode and also in the windows app. I have checked the console and there are some errors…


@bertaveira could you try logging into the droplet and rebuilding the frontend or updating to the newest ghost version using ghost update? Also would be great to know which version exactly you are running at the moment.


@gargol I’ll try that but I am not very hopeful. I have installed this two days ago so it’s the version 2.13.1 which I believe is the latest.


@gargol wow!!! I have no Idea how but I restarted the entire droplet and everything changed. It is now working perfectly. The strange part is that a lot changed in the code injection page. Before both head and footer boxes didn’t had line count and were both dark themed. Now they are white (even though i still have the dark theme) and they have a line count.

Thanks so much. Hope my description can help improve the stability in the future.


Great to hear it works! Cheers!

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