Can't find h1 site title

So I’m just starting up and I can’t see my h1 site title.

I’m using safari but have tried in other browsers.

I’ve added some custom css but cannot think what is causing this.

My site is and the password to view is cezeqi848

Hey @petecodes :wave:

Casper uses the site logo as the site title:

wow, really? Thanks for your help. Presume I can change this?

Yep, you just need to make your changes to the theme :slight_smile:

Can you explain how to edit a theme? Haven’t done that before :slight_smile:

Since your change is quite minor, here’s the “hacky” way to do it:

  1. Download your theme from the Admin interface
  2. Unzip your theme
  3. Open index.hbs from the unzipped folder in an editor. Don’t use notepad, but you should be fine using wordpad or something more powerful
  4. Make the changes and save
  5. Zip the folder
  6. Upload your modified theme to Ghost

This is the “hacky” way since you’re skipping setting up a theme development environment. If you plan on making larger changes, the dev environment is quite useful:

Thanks for the help!

So do I just copy the code for the h2 element to the h1?

        <h2 class="site-description">{{@site.description}}</h2>

Also, what happens to all my content and CSS if I upload a modified theme? Thanks!