How to change the title link in header

I am using ghost local installation. Casper theme.

FYI - I am running the latest version

  • What’s your URL? currently not hosted. its on localhost.
  • What version of Ghost are you using? Version: 5.82.11

Question: how to change the title link ( in this case text “Ghost” )


That’s set as the site URL all the time. Two options to change it:

  1. Change the theme code from the theme files:
    Casper/default.hbs at 331257ea2976422fc4a7537bef07bb0c3ef2bd4d · TryGhost/Casper · GitHub

  2. From code injection > site footer:

document.querySelector('').setAttribute('href', 'https://your_link_here')
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Thanks!, From code injection > site footer worked!