Can't install production. (don't have root permission)

Hi, thanks for all the support.

I first installed ghost (v1.22.4) as a local/development mode.
ghost install local -d $HOME/ghost --db sqlite3 --no-setup-linux-user
Because I don’t have sudo, I need to use --no-setup-linux-user, otherwise ghost will not work for me.
Once installed, I also start ghost like this: ghost start --no-setup-linux-user and ghost runs perfectly, and my site runs well.
But this is in development mode.

For real use, I read that I must use production mode.
I install like this: ghost install -d $HOME/ghost --db sqlite3 --no-setup-linux-user (same as before but no local)
I say no to setting up nginx and systemd, and no to starting ghost. Install completes.
When I do to start ghost --no-setup-linux-user, it asks me for a password.
Running sudo command: systemctl is-active ghost_localhost
But my account is not sudo and I do not have these permissions… and so I cannot proceed.
Does it really mean I cannot use ghost in production mode?

What are the main differences? Speed/security/something?
If I cannot use production mode, is it dangerous to continue using local development mode?

Debug Information:
OS: Debian, v9.4
Node Version: v6.14.1
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.7.1

I hope someone can give some advice. :grinning:
Thank you very much.

Sorry, my question and problem is very ghost specific.

Maybe I should reform my question?:

  1. How can I start ghost in production, without root access/needing systemctl?
  2. If it’s not possible, is it a goal in the future?
  3. I read about more things being minified, more logs being made in local/development mode, but it is just as safe as production?

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