Can't login after installation

Issue Summary

I can’t login after installation, because api couldn’t called.
Permission denied.
The login screen is always repeated.
The user was created in the database.

I did the install four times again. Always the same problem

Steps to Reproduce

Setup information

Version 5.82.8
Node.js v18.20.2
Self-hosting Ubuntu

Much more information needed, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you have a reverse proxy (i.e. Cloudflare) turned on and your rules are messed up.

If that’s not it, how about sharing some details? How’d you install? Linux flavor? What’s set up in front of Ghost as a proxy? Nginx or something else? Docker? Droplet? ETc etc.

Followed the steps to install on Ubuntu (22.04.4 LTS)
I use an Apache Proxy.
I did’t two other installations on the same server. All fine!
In one case I had the same problem, reinstallation did fix it.
Copied the Apache config file.

One important detail:
The ghost-admin cookie has been set. But immediately was deleted!
I can’t get a screenshot .

What’s in the Ghost logs?

journalctl -u ‘ghost*’

Since there’s only enough detail for wild guesses, I’ll guess the app is not connecting to MySQL. The logs will clarify.

In Safari it works: can login, but not in Chrome!

I think it’s an anlog problem of setting cookies as I reported in:
# Make this site private - not working in Chrome and Opera Issue17514

My solution (Pull Request) - reported in August 23 - is still not merged…
They only have to change 2 lines of code!

My working websites I’ve used version 5.82.2. (Chrome, Safari …)
I go back to this version (not v5.82.8) and report a bug in github.

Chrome want a secure website with https!

Safari is satisfied with http too.
After I installed a certificate, I can login with both browser.