Can't reference image files or some external css


When trying to reference an image file in css or embedded font stylesheets, ghost seems to negate these for whatever reason as though they don’t actually exist (not rendering fonts for example on a page). I get 404 errors when trying to call the files that are stored in specific directories as well. I noticed that if trying to access an image my server adds a trailing / at the end (e.g.

Anybody might have some insight into this particular issue? Much appreciated, thank you.

Are you using the {{asset}} helper? Ghost Handlebars Themes - Building a custom Ghost theme - Docs

I added a line of code for a custom cursor image to be called on a:hover in custom.css. Seems like it isn’t able to parse the image on hover for whatever reason. Also not able to call a font stored in a sub directory (generated by fontsquirrel not a google font). The google fonts work just fine, it’s only locally stored asset files. Not entirely sure if it’s ghost or nginx.

I’ve tried using that asset but no real effect happening.

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