Capser v5.4.0 - Added navbar options

Happy to see this new navbar introduced by Casper v5.4.0 with the latest Ghost update (v5.22.10)… but it somehow broke the main menu of my site.

Can we have some documentation on this new navbar system ?

Is it customizable ? Number of primary items (visible in the navbar) and secondary items (visible in the “…” menu…and more ?

Some help would be great.


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I’m also interested in tweaking the nav in Casper, I would like to ah… make the logo bigger :) But I think I might have to write some CSS to do that myself.

The only navigation customisation I can find is to add to the primary and secondary menus: Ghost Admin
And to opt if the logo shows in the navigation or not on the homepage (if you select for it to show in the navigation, it no longer shows in the hero banner).

Hoping to find out there are buttons I missed :)