Caspar Theme ready for Translation by Default?

Hey there Folks from the Staff of Ghost,

I was wondering how it could be that the fancy&liked standard Caspar Theme of Ghost isn’t already set for Translation, or did i just missing something?

In the Docs about Translation it says:

Making a theme translatable

Follow these steps to make your theme fully translatable:

1. Create a locales folder and add language files

Create a folder called locales . If using a theme that is already translatable, this may exist already.

Inside the locales folder, add target language files for each translatable language used on your site. For example locales/en.json for English and locales/es.json for Spanish. A valid language code must be used.

I looked at the Github of Caspar and couldn’t find a Folder in the Repository called locales, strange!

So in order to make it happen, i just have to download the Casper Theme Zip/Rar and add the necessary Folder with the also created File for my preferred Language (German/de) and then upload everything again and just activate it?!

Casper is designed to be a great starting point for developers, as well as a great looking theme. Adding translations to Casper would make it too complicated for someone who’s only just dipping their toe into Ghost theme development.

You might want to check out WorldCasper, a fork of Casper which supports translations GitHub - juan-g/WorldCasper2: WorldCasper2 is Casper 2.x, Ghost's default theme, made translatable into any language (branch i18n-translatable-frontend)

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@DavidDarnes Oh, i didn’t know this. :flushed::thinking:
Thank you for mentioning and pointing me in the right Direction.

Maybe you or Someone of the Stuff should add this Information about an existing translated Version of the Casper Theme to the Master Branch (Info Site) on Github, so Everybody looking for the same kinda Solution is pointed in the right Direction.

Or am i wrong about this?

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The mechanics of translations is documented, and I’m sure if people search they will find the theme. They may even end up on this very page :sweat_smile:

It could be great if we have the Casper theme already with the translate tags.
I tried the World 2 Casper but it is very old, it doesn’t have the new structure of the latest versions of Casper.

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@rolando that’s exactly what I was thinking.

There seems to be a Bug in the Bottom of each single View, where other Posts are shown.

Something about anError in Function or something…

Maybe @Juan is still around and could fix it.

Just to reiterate:

We do have adding translations to themes fairly well documented if you want to implement this on your own site