French (or other language) version of lastest Casper (5.3.1) on starter pro plan

I’m new user of Ghost, setting my blog/newsletter to start my community project.
I want to setup my website using French as a unique language.

Is it possible to customize Casper’s theme, I mean upload a translation on a Starter (limited to official themes) ?
Is there any way to get a French version of the last Casper Theme 5.3.1 ? (Or ready to be translated from an existing .json in another language.)

Thank you,

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Unsure if it will help but you can put a fr.json in locale/ of your theme to hold translations.
In your theme you need to use {{t English Words}} and in fr.json you need to have
“English Words” : “Mots en anglais”
If you fork Capser, you will need to find/edit all .hbs files to replace text output with {{t xxx }}
Happy tweaking :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you.
I was able to find a solution.
I can provide the theme. 5.3.1 in fr.
I’ve not updated due to the work needed to redo all the changes as I’m not using Git to track changes.
I’m planning a new iteration on my space, using a translated, richer theme.
But Casper is good for the start.

I was a bit disappointed not to be able to use French as an option on the start plan. I had to take a ghost pro plan to be able to use a translated theme.
I’m ok with that now.