Casper 5.0 missing features

Thanks to the Ghost team for releasing 5.0. It looks like a huge effort and the new features look quite useful. Along with Ghost, the Casper theme was also updated to accommodate the new Ghost 5.0 features according to the Casper release notes on GitHub. In the process of updating Casper to version 5.0, I noticed there are several features that have been removed from the theme since version 4.x. These include:

  • Social media icons have been removed from the upper right corner
  • Author name no longer shows next to articles when viewing the article list on the home page
  • No automatic dark/light mode switching. You have to pick either light mode or dark mode.
  • No ability to adjust the height of the cover photo. This probably could be done with CSS injection, but there used to be an option in the theme design settings to select 2 different sizes.

I understand the need to update the theme to accommodate the new Ghost 5.0 features, but why did useful features and design elements get removed in Casper 5.0? Are there plans to re-add any of these features in future versions of Casper 5.x? Thanks.

I actually like most of the changes, but there’s a lot of empty space in the theme. Also, the font for post titles is really LARGE.

I’ve had to use quite a bit of CSS via code injection to get it to look decent.

    .gh-head-button, .article-byline-content, .site-header-content, .footer-cta-button {
        display: none
    .site-footer {
        margin: max(1vmin,62px) 0 0;
        padding-bottom: 48px
    .read-more-wrap {
    margin-top: max(8vmin,62px);
    .article {
    padding: max(0vmin,28px) 0 max(8vmin,62px);