Questions Regarding Casper Ghost Theme

Hi, I want to know whether is anyone using Casper theme? I am setting up my blog on my server. I’m searching for some free themes(I don’t have money to opt for a premium theme) on Github. I’ve found some really good themes - Bleak and Mapache. I liked both of them. However, I am afraid that having the support to fix issues is a problem. If the developer ceases to be active in the theme, then it will be a problem. So, do I go with Casper? I don’t want many features like social media icons e.t.c. I want my blog to be simple and that is why I switched to Ghost from WordPress.

You can go with Casper theme it’s pretty elegant theme with core blogging features… Btw if you plan to have a membership features then you can go with Lyra theme… Lyra is basically same as Casper but it has Ghost membership features integrated.

Okay then. Thanks.

Is it possible to upgrade the theme automatically when a new version is available on github?

Casper will update automatically with ghost update … but if you use lyra you have to update it manually by installing updated theme

Oh, thanks.

What do you think of the Bleak theme? Just google “Bleak theme github”

Well, I thinked once again. I’ll stick with Casper.


Hey, can you help me with this one?

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