Casper Change Height Post Header

Hey all,
how anyone can help me:
How Its Possible To Change Height Post Header In Casper?


The screenshot shows the post editor, not the final layout. It’s very possible to change the height of sections in the rendered layout using code injection, but the post editor isn’t going to look different.

Yes i need it only for a product page, but the post title is not on the left side.

Or how its possible to set the post title on only one page on the left side

Big Thanks

You can use code injection to adjust a single page (it’s in the right side menu, towards the bottom in the post editor).

But when I look at the demo for Casper, the title /is/ left side aligned, so you may need to link your specific page if you need help with the code injection.

In the code injection for that page (not sitewide, unless you always want it to start to the left of the central post column.

h1.article-title {
    grid-column: wide-start / wide-end;

This works, Thanks! :grin:

Hey, is this code also work for Source Theme or only for Casper?