Theme .zip upload is not making changes

Hi everyone!

I have tried to fix a bug with post-card-image in Casper 2.8.0–3 where the image height limit doesn’t display the banner correctly, for example.


Using chrome’s dev tools I can edit the CSS and change the height for .post-card-large .post-card-image from 100% to auto and this fixes the issue.

I downloaded the code, edited this in the CSS and zipped it back up and reuploaded and applied, but ghost doesn’t seem to read these changes and I’m left with the same CSS when I inspect the page.

Any tips? Am I missing a step? Is downloading a theme, editing some css, zipping it and reuploading it not enough?

Thanks for your help.

Casper comes with a built in yarn zip command that compiles the CSS into built files & makes the zip file for you. If you just edited the CSS files without building, that would cause what you are seeing as Casper doesn’t use the files in /assets/css/ directly, it references the built files.