Casper Examples

For anyone using a minimally altered site using Casper theme, would you be willing to share your site address? I’m looking for examples beyond the sample on the ghost website of this theme in action. I’m trying to determine what it will actually look like in practice before I decide whether to go through the time and expense to get some coding written for me in this platform.

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Slightly Modified Casper Theme

Here is my site with a modified version of Casper 3.0:
I use Memberful for revenue and MailerLite for newsletters.
I’ll consider putting everything into Ghost when custom plans are introduced. If so, I’ll get my developer to start with Casper 4.0 and do any mods required to that.

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damn…thats clean. I kinda wish I had seen this now before I bought a custom theme and paid someone to make the necessary changes. :sweat_smile: