Is the Casper theme good enough to be used out-of-the-box?

Just to clarify further, does using the theme without any customization make the blog seem generic, and are there any of you that use the Casper theme with no to minimum customization?

I think the Casper theme is nice. Personally, I would just make some minor tweaks. It just depends on the type of content website you are wanting to put together.

Interesting, and what kind of tweaks would you recommend, and/or which ones have you implemented for your own website?

I chose to work with Simply.

Modified this quite extensively for my use case

Hi @mikeldeking and first of all: Welcome to the Ghost forum! :wave:t2:
Short answer: Yes.
I used it for my blog quite a while but then switched to something more minimalistic like the Dawn theme. But, tbh, I’m currently thinking about switching back to the original Casper theme because I somewhat felt in love with the typo and spacing.
Enjoy your week. Have a great one! :partying_face: