Casper theme - Dark Mode (Don't know the next steps)


Very new here also HUGE noob.

I don’t need the ‘dark mode’ with the Casper theme. Googled around and did the following.

  1. Downloaded the theme from Ghost interface (Settings -> Design)
  2. Opened the /assets/css/screen.css with TextEdit on Mac
  3. Removed the line @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) { as well as the closing bracket for this line (the last } in the file, so the very last symbol of the file) as @DavidDarnes mentions in a older post
  4. Compressed the folder and uploaded it back to Ghost and activated it.
  5. Pressed ‘Save’ at top right.

But I still have the Dark Theme that’s active.

What am I doing wrong?

Removing the block wrapper won’t remove darkmode - can you try either commenting it out or removing everything between the brakets?

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